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Seasoned Mississippi Bad Faith Attorneys Fighting Back Against Fraudulent Insurance Practices

Representing clients in bad faith and unfair claims matters

An insurance company has the duty to act with the best interests of the insured in mind. Regardless of the specific type of insurer, Mississippi law dictates that these companies must act in good faith when investigating, valuing, and paying claims. Much to the distress of policyholders like you, insurance companies all too often act with their best interests in mind — an interest in turning a profit.

A bad faith insurance claim is one where the insurance company used inappropriate or fraudulent tactics or deception to avoid paying out a claim in full. The law firm of Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC fights back against underhanded insurance companies. Partner Brandon McWherter is a licensed Mississippi insurance dispute attorney, who will put his considerable skills, experience and resources to work for you if you have been the victim of a bad faith action. Do not attempt to take on a large insurer on your own. Get professional legal counsel so an unpaid insurance claim does not lead to immense financial hardship for you and your family or for your business.

Evidence of bad faith claims

Most insurance companies are for-profit organizations focused on their bottom line. Generally speaking, they do not set out to make deliberate bad faith decisions. Unfortunately, the pressure to maximize profit could result in business practices that adversely affect policyholders, including:

  • Unreasonable delay in payment
  • Denial of payment without reasonable grounds
  • Refusing to properly investigate a claim
  • Failing to explain a denial
  • Failing to respond to a request in a reasonable time
  • Harassing a claimant
  • Inappropriate investigation tactics
  • Concealing or ignoring evidence of damage
  • Unreasonably finding fault with the policyholder’s claim

If you feel that your insurance company has wrongfully denied, delayed payment, or underpaid your claim, you may have a bad faith claim. You cannot, however, prove bad faith with a single bad act or decision. Your Mississippi bad faith attorney will review your policy and claim in its entirety to build a strong case against the insurance company.

Filing a bad faith or unfair claims practices lawsuit

Policyholders often face great obstacles when challenging their insurance carriers. You can expect the insurance company’s lawyers will be experienced, smart, and able adversaries. At the Gilbert Firm, we have the resources, knowledge, and legal skill to overcome these challenges and get you the funds you deserve.

Out attorneys have filed bad faith claims on behalf of a wide range of property owners, including:

Many of our claims involved property damaged caused by natural catastrophes, such as flood, fire, windstorms, and hail. Some of our clients were affected by other tragedies, such as theft and vandalism. Whatever the cause, you deserve to have full and prompt payment of your claim.

If you have been the victim of bad faith or unfair claims practices, a Mississippi bad faith attorney may help you recover compensation for the property damage itself, plus any other compensation to which you may be entitled.

A Mississippi bad faith lawyer is ready to take your call

If you think an insurance company is not negotiating with you fairly, call the Gilbert Firm. We have the experience, results, and testimonials to make the insurance company pay its obligations and to hold them accountable for not dealing with you properly. To arrange a consultation with an experienced Mississippi bad faith lawyer, call our firm today at 888-275-8182 or complete our contact form.