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Executives help companies generate profits and compete in the world. Many help increase the value of the company and the value of its stock. They deserve to be paid accordingly. Compensation arrangements and severance packages are bargained-for items that corporate and business leaders earn. Employers took the time to review each and every item before they agreed to pay you. When you leave the company, the employer should pay you everything you deserve.

The Tennessee attorneys at Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC, appreciate the full range of employee benefits that business executives should receive. Our Tennessee executive compensation and severance lawyers also understand that when employers delay payment, devalue items, fail to fund pensions, or breach any contractual duty to pay their employee, the employee has the right to insist on full performance. Contact the Gilbert Firm for a full review of your compensation rights and your remedies when employers fail to fulfill their obligations.

Common executive compensation arrangements

Executives are entitled to more than just a salary for many reasons. Good business leaders generate new clients, create new ideas, understand how to market the company’s services and products, understand new technology, and more. Many expand the business worldwide. The best leaders position the company for many years down the road. For their services, company executives deserve to be rewarded when the company succeeds.

Some of the compensation issues our Tennessee executive compensation and severance attorneys review when employers fail to adhere to a contract or law include:

  • Any partnership interest in the company. Executives who helped to found the company or finance the company may have a partnership interest.
  • Stock issues. This includes how the stocks are valued, the amount of stocks that can be optioned, and when any options must be exercised.
  • Bonuses. It should be clear what factors will entitle the executive to a bonus payout. Bonuses should be paid when the executive performs his or her end of the bargain.
  • Deferred payment arrangements. We may be able to negotiate a lump sum payment.
  • Severance packages. The amount of the severance and how the severance packages are valued are two key issues our Tennessee executive compensation and severance lawyers advise clients about. Severance packages are commonly known as golden parachutes.
  • Pension plans. Our lawyers study when the plans vest, how they vest, how they are secured, and the amount of the payouts.

Our clients include a broad range of industry sectors and a variety of public and private businesses.

How disputes are handled

Many executive pay and severance package disputes are now handled through binding arbitration. Disputes may also be handled in state or federal court. Our Tennessee executive compensation and severance lawyers have proven experience in all relevant forums. We work with a team of professionals to determine the proper value of your benefits and assets. Value is often one of the biggest disputed items. We know the federal and state laws that govern executive compensation such as ERISA – the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

The Gilbert Firm’s lawyers have the skills to anticipate and contest the arguments employers make to deprive or limit executive pay and compensation. Our attorneys show that our clients met their obligations under the contract, and that the employer should meet theirs – by paying everything that is due.

Tennessee attorneys hold employers liable if they fail to pay all the executive compensation and severance benefits you earned

The Gilbert Firm offers efficient resolutions for executives in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, and across Tennessee. We ensure that your contracts are valid, and that your rights to the severance and benefits you deserve are upheld. To review your case with an experienced Tennessee executive compensation and severance lawyers, please call 888.996.9731 or complete our contact form.

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