In addition to his employment law practice, Michael Russell is a Rule 31 listed Civil Mediator.  Frequently, he is asked to mediate employment disputes and other civil litigation throughout the state.

“I believe mediation is the most unique legal proceeding we have. It is the only legal proceeding that allows the parties to make the decisions.”

Michael uses this philosophy to guide the way he approaches the settlement process.  Using great analytical skills and creative solutions, Michael assists parties to fashion resolutions that simply would not be available in a courtroom. He has successfully mediated cases throughout the state, including Nashville, Chattanooga, Jackson, Dyersburg and Johnson City.

If you would like to schedule a mediation with Michael, please contact his legal assistant, Stephanie Weaver, at 615-354-1144 or

What Michael’s colleagues are saying:

“[Y]ou need to change your rates as you are under-valuing your worth as a mediator.  I practice nationally and have used countless mediators and you are one of the best I’ve seen.”  – Atlanta defense lawyer

“Thanks again for the great work you did at the mediation today.  I did not think that case would settle, but you worked some serious magic.”  — Middle Tennessee Defense Lawyer

“I highly recommend [Michael]. He works very hard and spends more time on pressing each side as opposed to telling war stories and wasting time. At the same time, he still manages to establish an excellent rapport very quickly.”  — East Tennessee Plaintiff’s Lawyer

“Michael Russell has quickly become the “go to” mediator for my firm.  He comes to the mediation well prepared and apprised of the facts and applicable law.  He connects well with my clients and is not afraid to push both sides of the table when necessary.  My clients have been extremely pleased with the resolutions Michael has been able to foster.”–Middle Tennessee Defense Lawyer


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