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Insurance companies paint themselves as your friend. In reality, all too often you spend years faithfully paying your premiums only to spend months or years haggling over every dollar. Buried in the endless pages of fine print are a myriad of loopholes designed to minimize or avoid payment of your claim. Given the massive nature of these institutions, going up against an established insurance company can seem like an impossible feat. The insurance dispute lawyers at the Gilbert Law Firm have decades of experience and no fear of these giants. Let us help you.

The Gilbert Firm’s offices are located throughout the state, including in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Jackson. Our Tennessee insurance dispute attorneys are led by Brandon McWherter, Clint Scott and Jonathan Bobbitt, and will put their collective skills and abilities to work for you. We routinely handle complex and challenging claims, and ensure that your claims are resolved as efficiently and as effectively as possible under the individual circumstances. We also routinely work with multiple public adjusters to obtain the best result possible. When your life or livelihood are at stake, we put our formidable knowledge of the laws and our more than 75 years of combined experience to work for you.

How can our insurance attorneys help protect you and your properties?

By their very nature, insurance companies are complex entities and they have dedicated enormous resources to fill their insurance policies with exclusions and conditions that limit insureds’ rights. Whether or not you have a legitimate claim in the eyes of your insurer can depend on an almost endless number of variables – variables that often seem as though they were plucked from thin air.

At the Firm, we understand the frustrations and anxieties of policyholders. We can determine whether an insurance company is acting in bad faith, or if the policy is worded in such a way as to legally deprive you of options. If your claim has been denied, underpaid, unduly delayed, or you just cannot get the answers you need, the insurance dispute attorneys of the Gilbert Firm are on your side. We have had considerable success in the areas of:

Insurance bad faith and more

In Tennessee, policyholders have legal options that may entitle them to payments in addition to the amounts owed under the insurance policy. For example, if an insurance company acts in bad faith or intentionally or recklessly denies or underpays a claim, the law provides for a 25% statutory bad faith penalty and there is also the possibility of punitive damages. If you believe your insurer has acted in bad faith, or is not treating you fairly, contact us today.

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The Gilbert Firm is widely respected throughout Tennessee for its integrity and it commitment to its clients. Our highly skilled insurance dispute attorneys protect Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Jackson residents, businesses, and non-profits when their insurers have failed to pay out a claim in good faith, or have unnecessarily delayed payment for any reason. Please contact us at 888.996.9731 or by filling out our contact form, and reserve a consultation with an attorney who puts the needs of policyholders first.

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