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Valuable assistance when property, inventory, and equipment are damaged or destroyed

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and many businesses use warehouses for a variety of reasons. They may be storing inventory there until it is purchased. They may need to store equipment until they are ready to use it. Items may be stored because the company does not have enough commercial office space. When damage occurs, the lost value is often more than just the money needed to replace the items. The time to repair or replace the items can mean lost profit. Delay can mean contracts go into default.

The Tennessee industrial and warehouse lawyers at Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC understand the seriousness of industrial and commercial claims. We fight for businesses of all shapes and sizes who suffer insurance loss in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, or across Tennessee. The firm represents a wide cross section of industries. We help these industries with their first-party insurance claims, including commercial property, business interruption, and other types of insurance. We also help businesses file claims when their property is damaged or destroyed in a warehouse due to fire, wind, hail, theft, collapse, damage by other businesses in the warehouse, theft, or other covered risks.

Common warehouse insurance

Most industries use warehouses to store, ship, and deliver their goods. Warehouse owners need to make sure their items are protected from external and internal weather elements. The merchandise needs to be safe from fire, property damage, theft, and vandalism. All sorts of businesses need warehouse insurance because accidents and intentional acts of misconduct do happen.

As with most businesses, the type of business dictates the types of risk protection and amounts of insurance that are needed. Companies should know their inventory and should know the warehouse where they store their goods. Warehouses need to be inspected for heating, cooling, electricity, and plumbing issues.

Some of the issues our Tennessee insurance lawyers handle include:

  • Structural Damage.  Warehouses, by their nature, are large structures that are expensive.  Our insurance lawyers help with damage to these structures, including damage caused by hail, wind, fire, smoke, soot, collapse, sinkhole, and countless other perils.
  • Security issues. Did the warehouse have proper inspections, cameras, on-site security staff, alarm systems, and other protection measures?
  • The durability of the goods kept in the warehouse. Perishables do not last for long. Some items, like technology, have a short life span.
  • The responsibility for the items stored. Was the warehouse owned by another company? Was an outside maintenance firm involved?
  • Who had access to the goods? Warehouse owners, subcontractors, general contractors, and lessees all may have had access. Insurance companies will try to shift the blame to one of these other entities.
  • How the goods were to be stored. For example, was cold or warm storage an issue?
  • The value of the items stored. Is the value the repair value, the replacement value, or the amount the items could be sold for?
  • Related business interruption claims. Loss of stored equipment or inventory can cause the business to have to suspend operations until the items are replaced.
  • How the items were handled during transport. If the items were damaged while being transported by a forklift or other machinery, the warehouse owner may blame the transporter.
  • Insurance contract issues. What exclusions and deductibles applied?
  • Fire safety. Did the warehouse have sprinkler systems? Did they work?

Industries we represent

Some of the industries the Gilbert Firm is ready to represent for any type of commercial loss include:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Transportation
  • Wholesalers and distributors

Experienced insurance lawyers in Tennessee for industry claims and warehouse damage

The Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC firm fights for anyone or any business who suffered harm that is covered by an insurance policy. We help residents of Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, and across Tennessee get prompt payment for their claims. When you pay your premiums, you deserve to have the insurance company uphold their end of the bargain. To review your case with an experienced Tennessee insurance lawyer, please call 888.354.FIRM (3476) or complete our contact form.

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