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Owners of apartment complexes, condominiums, townhouse units, and other multi-family homes have a special urgency in getting their insurance claims paid on time and in full. Families need to know where they will be sleeping and what arrangements they need to make for alternate living. The owners need to get their complexes ready because rent income can decrease dramatically while the repairs are being made. Multi-family units that need to be rebuilt may need a whole new round of building and government inspections.

At Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC, our Tennessee multi-family dwelling attorneys have the experience you need. We helped two apartment complexes obtain a $3 million award when windstorms caused severe damages. Our attorneys work with professional experts to determine the true cost of repairing or rebuilding damaged units. We are ready to counter the arguments the insurance adjusters, engineers, or attorneys might make to limit or deny the claims. For immediate help in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, and across Tennessee with your claim, the Gilbert Firm is ready to negotiate with adjustors and try your case when needed so families can get back to the homes they enjoy.

Common multi-dwelling insurance concerns

Multi-dwelling insurance is generally designed to protect the owners of the complexes. The individual unit owners should have their own residential insurance to cover additional losses to their personal possessions. Multi-dwelling can refer to smaller 2-4 family homes, townhouses built for several families, apartment complexes, and condominiums.

Some of the many issues a Tennessee multi-family dwelling insurance lawyer handles include:

  • Value. The true cost to fix any damage or to rebuild the complex or homes is often the most contested issue. Our lawyers have experience with the full range of value disputes such as:
    • The cost to replace the units as opposed to the original cost to build the units or to sell the complex.
    • Material expenses. The money involved varies depending on the construction characteristics. This includes the types of material used for the foundation, floors, exteriors, windows, walls, and all other parts of the structure.
    • The expenses needed for general contractors and subcontractors.
    • Equipment expenses.
    • The cost of security and maintenance while the renovations are being made.
  • Ongoing expenses. Quality multi-family dwelling insurance should include all necessary business interruption expenses. These include continuing payment to minimize loss of rents, continuing expenses, and more.
  • Loss of rents. This figure is different depending on the type of complex involved, how long the complex was renting units, how many unites were sold if condominiums were involved, and a host of other factors. The Firm knows what documents and evidence are needed to prove this part of the claim.
  • Displacement issues. Homeowners and renters may need to have alternative living arrangements, depending on the extent of the damage. We work to make sure the insurance company addresses their full obligation to take care of displaced families.
  • Compliance issues. The owners likely need to make sure the rebuilt or repaired units pass fire inspections, electricity exams, and building regulations. Because some accident or catastrophe occurred, the inspectors will be extra cautious to make sure more damage does not occur. This is especially true if the damage was due to natural occurrences such as wind or earthquakes.
  • The status of the multi-family dwellings. Damage claims will vary depending on whether the unit was being built, built but not occupied, or occupied complexes. Different policies apply for different sizes and different types of complexes.  Vacancy clauses and co-insurance can be issues to be investigated.
  • Possible defenses. Insurance companies often look for ways to pay less than you are owed. They may point to the limitations or conditions in the policy or argue that the damage was not covered by the policy. In some cases, they may even try to blame the owners for the damage. Our Tennessee multi-family dwelling lawyers understand the specifics of insurance contracts and what arguments must be made to enforce them.

Get prompt and professional insurance claim assistance from a Tennessee lawyer

The Gilbert Firm fights for anyone or any business that suffered harm that is covered by an insurance policy. We help multi-family dwelling owners in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, and across Tennessee get prompt payment for their claims. Our attorneys also represent out-of-state clients. When you pay your premiums, you deserve to have the insurance company uphold their end of the bargain. To review your case with an experienced Tennessee multi-family dwelling insurance lawyer, please call 888.354.FIRM (3476) or complete our contact form.

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