Jul19, 2017

Gilbert Firm Achieves Another Special Education Victory in East Tennessee

By |Jul 19, 2017|Categories: Special Education Law|0 Comments

For the last three years, a Chattanooga family has been litigating the issue of inclusion for their child with Down syndrome.  Justin Gilbert of the Gilbert Firm, along with a team of national and international [...]

Jul17, 2017

What Duty am I Owed by My Insurance Agent?

By |Jul 17, 2017|Categories: Insurance Disputes|0 Comments

You know, listen, we all love our insurance agents; but the truth is they make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can cause problems on a claim that perhaps you've been paying premiums on for years. [...]

Jul13, 2017

Misrepresentations on Your Insurance Application Can Result in Denial of Claims

By |Jul 13, 2017|Categories: Insurance Disputes|0 Comments

In a recent appellate case, Freeze v. Tenn. Farmers Mut. Ins. Co., the Tennessee Court of Appeals again analyzed the effect of misrepresentations in applications for insurance. The Court began by referencing Tenn. Code Ann [...]

Jul11, 2017

New Legislation Allows Employers to Replace Overtime with Paid Leave

By |Jul 11, 2017|Categories: FLSA, Overtime/Wage & Hour|0 Comments

A new house bill, named the Working Families Flexibility Act, claims that it gives employees a new right, while lawyers and advocates argue that it violates workers’ rights to fair payment. The new law provides [...]

Jul7, 2017

How Do You Help Clients with Emotional Parts of a Case?

By |Jul 7, 2017|Categories: Labor and Employment|0 Comments

Employment cases can be emotional. They frequently are, and that's okay. Employment cases do involve emotional distress recoveries. Our challenge as counselors sometimes is to absorb some of our clients’ stress, and to help them [...]

Jul5, 2017

Do I Need a Lawyer?

By |Jul 5, 2017|Categories: Law|0 Comments

Why you need a lawyer? Maybe you don't; maybe you do. It's impossible to know unless you actually see one. Sometimes it's easy: If your claim has been denied, you know you've got no options [...]

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