Apr20, 2017

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Negotiations in Tennessee

By |Apr 20, 2017|Categories: Bad Faith|0 Comments

Insurance companies have a duty to negotiate in good faith. This duty extends to homeowners, auto owners, business owners, and anyone who has a right to expect payment from their insurance company when an accident [...]

Apr18, 2017

Can I Sue My Insurance Company if They Deny My Claim?

By |Apr 18, 2017|Categories: Insurance Disputes|0 Comments

One of the questions we hear a lot from policyholders whose claims have been denied is, “Can I sue to recover my money?” The short answer to that question is “yes, but.” The simple truth [...]

Apr14, 2017

New Ruling Says that Title VII Does Protects Employees from Sexual Orientation Discrimination

By |Apr 14, 2017|Categories: Labor and Employment|0 Comments

In a ground-breaking decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from discrimination in the work place on the basis of their sexual [...]

Apr6, 2017

Labor Secretary Nominee Alexander Acosta One Step Closer to Confirmation

By |Apr 6, 2017|Categories: FLSA|0 Comments

When Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s original choice for Secretary of the Department of Labor, withdrew his name, employee rights advocates let out a collective sigh of relief. Now that the President’s newest nominee, Alexander Acosta, [...]

Apr4, 2017

What Does an Employment Lawyer Do?

By |Apr 4, 2017|Categories: Labor and Employment|0 Comments

Regular readers of our blog know that we handle a lot of different types of claims: harassment and discrimination, FSLA violations and overtime claims, Equal Pay Act claims, etc. But, this is only a part [...]

Mar30, 2017

What Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover?

By |Mar 30, 2017|Categories: Insurance Disputes|0 Comments

You buy homeowners’ insurance for the same reason you buy any kind of insurance policy: to protect you in the event of a misfortune of some kind. While there is no such thing as a [...]

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