Feb19, 2018

Supreme Court Declines to Review DirecTV Joint Employer Case

By |Feb 19, 2018|Categories: Labor and Employment|0 Comments

The U.S. Supreme Court on January 8, 2018 refused to hear a petition from DirecTV that would seek to overturn the U.S. Fourth Circuit’s decision regarding the joint employer test in connection with the Fair [...]

Feb15, 2018

Specific Ongoing Educational Projects

By |Feb 15, 2018|Categories: Educaiton|0 Comments

We have been a leader in the state of Tennessee in the field of education. We have hired some of the most internationally renowned experts in areas like making sure that children with intellectual disabilities [...]

Feb12, 2018

Standing Up for Teachers and Parents Who Speak Up for Special Needs’ Students

By |Feb 12, 2018|Categories: Special Education Law|0 Comments

In a widely published case brought by the Gilbert McWherter Scott Bobbitt PLC, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit recognized that “[b]oth the ADA and Section 504 prohibit retaliation against any [...]

Feb9, 2018

Why You Have to Give an Examination Under Oath (EUO)

By |Feb 9, 2018|Categories: Insurance Disputes|0 Comments

Insureds, or policyholders, get letters generally from an insurance company requesting that an examination under oath be taken. An insured has to appear for the examination under oath. There's a cooperation clause contained within almost [...]

Feb6, 2018

Uber Ordered by UK Tribunal Court to Designate Drivers as “Workers”

By |Feb 6, 2018|Categories: Labor and Employment|0 Comments

Uber, the famous ride hailing giant, has come up against another obstacle to its business model in the UK. An employment tribunal reiterated its ruling of more than a year ago that drivers are, in [...]

Feb1, 2018

How Important Is My Insurance Application?

By |Feb 1, 2018|Categories: Insurance Disputes|0 Comments

You know, one of the scary things about being a policy holder, and knowing that that insurance claim, is out there is that sometimes an insurance claim can be doomed before you ever even make [...]

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